lördag 13 februari 2016

Genetics versus environment - The Matos-gene

In my family we makes jokes about "the Matos-gene". Let me explain that...
My grandfather on my father's side was Emilio R. R. de Matos, a music genius with a high general knowledge (although antiquated and sometimes stuck in the 1950's). He could tell you stuff about german grammar now, then on Art History, Physics and discuss detailed Music History and technical aspects of Music and so on  However, and as it often seems to be the case with geniuses, we lacked social skills, highly!

As a old timer Sheldon Cooper my grandfather had his own routines on how and when things were supposed to happen. The main subject of his "special routines" was meals. He would sit exactly at a certain time every and each day at the same way by his clearly own spot at the table, with the same expression on his face and waited to be served. He had special forks and knives, plates and glasses and we would fold his napkin the same way, every single time, no exceptions made!

Then he would eat slower than a tortoise. He was the first one to seat at the table and we would finish do the dishes (by hand) as he would slowly took his coffee. Now of course that it would't be strange if his sons and daughter would have their special habits too. Not is it strange that some of us grandchildren, me included, have our habits, or even the great-grandchildren (especially my son and my cousins oldest daughter) have their special habits. We make jokes about those habits and refer to them as the "Matos-gene" or the Matos-legacy.

Now, the funny thing is that my pet has funky habits that kind of remind me of the "Matos-gene"! Then we have a Genetics v/s environment question or just a coincidence...
My pet rabbit, Oscar, has a special way of eating. He throws the bowl upside down spreading the food all over the cage floor and then he will meticulously picks what he wants to eat leaving everything else... So thats for genetics v/s environment or do we all (pets included) have a little Matos inside of us?    

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