lördag 27 februari 2016

Cork me up!

Did you know that Portugal is the world's largest cork producer? 

Portugal produces 50% of the world's cork. Cork is removed carefully according to traditional methods from the corktree.

You might be thinking cork as in wine bottles and flooring. However you can use this vegetable and eco-friendly material in so many other ways!

The cork industry seems to have grown as a necessity to reinvent Portuguese products due to the economic crisis.

You might find the traditional stuff such as pin-boards like this:

The building industry uses cork on flooring, sealing material, wall covering material, furniture, mattresses, acoustic sealing and so on.

But you can now also find new beautifully designed products of all kinds, such as purses, wallets, hats, clothing, jewelry, chocolate cases...  You name it!

For example this wallet my cousin gave me on Christmas and this lovely hand made chocolate case that has a magnet incorporated so I can save a bit of the case on my refrigerator door when I eat the delicious exclusive chocolate it encases.

How can I help you to cork you up?

You can see other cork products here.
If you want to know more about cork you can find information on the industry here.
You can also find information on the design products here.
Contact me and I will be happy to inform you on which companies you can find what you are looking for in the Portuguese cork world!

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