måndag 11 april 2016

Rabbit hut - part 2

I'm Here's how the rabbit hut turned out! 
I wanted it to have a clean design, a pretty interior and to be functional. 
I gave it wheels so we can move it around the house according to our and our rabbit's needs. 

Then I cut the cabinet's legs, worked on my "wax in, wax of" with sand paper all around it. I put it together, opened a hatch so the rabbit can move around both floors. I painted it a few times, put hens net on three of it's four doors, painted the knobs with golden spray. 
 Made a ramp (the hardest part of the project), made a hey-dispenser out of hens net... 
And finally I had a lot of fun decorating the interior of the hut. My new best friend is spray-glue! I had old shaders that I glued to the walls and floors. I even made a matching different wall with plastic film. 
And voilá! A rabbit hut is done! It's prettier and it turned out to be more economic that the pre-fab.s you can get online or at pet shops! 
And the rabbit seems to enjoy it!

Rabbit hut - part 1

Here's the reason why I haven't written for a long time... I have been building a rabbit hut and I wanted to be done before I could write about it! 
A month ago I bought two second hand office cabinets and I remodeled them into a rabbit hut.

I really wanted them to look nice and match our home decoration. I had a lot to do!
I love to paint and know my way around brushes and paint, however I have never really had interest for "carpentering"... So I don't have any knowledge about it. I just took the tools we had at home that seemed fitting for me and when I needed advice I asked my husband and did all work according to his advice.
See the result on my next post!