söndag 10 januari 2016

Testing Pinterest - 2

As I wrote on my previous post I'am testing stuff I find on Pinterest. It is not a new thing but I really want to test various pins and review them.
Today it is about total glory.
Yesterday I went to the cinema with my son to see Star Wars - the Force awakens. I promised him that we would both dress up for the occasion and that gave me a chance to test 3 pins.

Pin - DIY Darth Vader costume 

I followed these instructions. They lived to their promise; a easy and cheap way to a "DIY" Darth Vader costume. I bought a organic cotton long sleeved black t-shirt and trousers and some tape. We already had the mask, cape and light saber. It took me and the kids about 10 minutes and it costed about 200 SEK in total (about 20 Euros).

My son loved it! I think he loved that we did it together too, even though I guess he would just be happy to have a Darth Vader costume. As for me, I see it as something we did together and the good memories he will have from that afternoon and the visit to the cinema. I just wish I had better photos of us though... 

lördag 9 januari 2016

Testing Pinterest - 1

So I decided to test stuff on Pinterest. This first one will be short. I tried a recipe of Nutella cupcakes (today I will not mention which one and you will understand why). 
I love Nutella and I love cupcakes. What could go wrong? Right?
The recipe came from USA and I read and heard that they usually use more sugar than in other countries. Maybe that was the thing, maybe I got lost in the conversion of cups to deciliters. Maybe the cupcakes were too big, they were certainly too sweet. Maybe I was a bit sick. 
Anyway... When I taste it my tongue stuck to my gum. But it was Friday night and I invited my in laws for dinner with us (me, my husband and our two kids), so I made my best to stuff it all in me and look happy.
Half an hour later in the middle of a Triominos game I had to run away and get rid of that desert at the porcelain throne. Not pretty...
Luckily this is the first thing I tried that didn't work out for me. 
I will soon write about the things that work out better. 
I do still love Nutella though!